Doing things a bit backwards…

So, I now have this blog… one which I’m not really sure about but have been encouraged that this is the path I should be on- at least for getting my name and work out there.  And where is all that encouragement coming from (besides that “little voice” inside my head)?  It is coming from a wonderfully talented group of designers that I’ve met through an e-course taught by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls.  These two ladies have put together an incredible Surface Pattern Design course- part design and part inspiration & motivation!  It has been a winning combination for me.  I can not believe how much I have learned and created since starting this, in my opinion, life changing journey.

I have completed Module 1 and Module 2 and I’m gearing up for number three!! Starting September 4th!!

Why did I title this post “doing things a bit backwards”?  This THANK YOU post to Rachael, Beth and my course mates should have been my first post as it has been all of you who have helped me to get to this point.  So again…   xKFSx

letterpress card by ilee papergoods- one of my favs!


One thought on “Doing things a bit backwards…

  1. Melinda, I can’t agree more with you that this e-course is a life changing journey and I too have learnt so much since Module 1. Module 3 has just started and I’m feeling a excited and a little nervous at the same time 😉 Hopefully we will both be able to cope with the demands of the course and be proud of our achievements when it ends…
    All the best to us x

    Btw, I didn’t get to tell you how cute your kids are! I’d love to cuddle any one of them anytime! 🙂

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